Thursday, March 31, 2011

Evil's Door

Childhood rumors are often prevalent in a family-oriented community. Some may boast that they have seen a UFO flying overhead while others claim to have witnessed a ghost soaring through the trees. Regardless of how outrageous they are, these stories are so believable that they trickle down from sibling to sibling, friend to friend; creating a neighborhood buzz that lingers for years.

Ryan Sheffield’s neighborhood was no different. Though no one would admit it, adults and children alike were freaked out by the eccentric woman who lived in the ghastly corner house, but aside from that, his world as he knew it was an ordinary one.

Bizarre situations did not surface until Ryan began working at his very first job. To his peers and superiors, it was just a traditional office. To Ryan, it was much more than that after a series of inexplicable occurrences haunted his every conscious moment.

Through a bit of intense research, he uncovered the building’s gruesome history and was led down its horrifying path. He opened the door to a hell he did not want to live in and tried his best to avoid the evil that surrounded him. The truth revealed itself to him in more ways than one; a truth he was better off not knowing and one that could essentially end his life.

Available June 1, 2011 on,, Nook and other online retailers.


  1. Oh man! I shouldn't have read this blog. Now I'm REALLY excited and not wanting to wait to get the book. It sounds so exciting and thrilling. Ok ... I'll wait, but I'm getting it as soon as I can.

  2. If I finish it early, I will let you know for sure!