Monday, June 13, 2011

Excerpt from "Finally Home"

Just a quick list to consider when adopting a pup.  This is taken from my book "Finally Home."  Though pups are adorable, sweet and loyal...they do have some other qualities that might not be so endearing.  A dog is not disposable, so deliberate carefully, as it is a big decision and not something to be taken lightly! As sweet and innocent as they may look, some may be mischievous!

1. Puppies get big. Make sure you have the adequate space to handle your dog’s expected size.
2. Dogs bark. I have actually heard of people returning or abandoning dogs because they bark. Really? Is this not common knowledge?
3. Dogs drool.
4. Dogs sometimes do not have manners.
5. They may have an accident on your rug. They may also have one if they get excited.
6. They may jump on the furniture.
7. They shed.
8. They do have waste that needs to be disposed of…by you.
9. They may have behavioral issues that you have to deal with.
10. Vet bills may get very high.
11. Some dogs need very expensive food, as their stomach can’t handle regular food.
12. They may live to be eighteen!!
13. Dogs chew things. Sometimes it is things that they should not chew.
14. Dogs steal.
15. Dogs need to be groomed.
16. They may get sick at inopportune moments.
17. They may counter surf. This means they may steal things of importance off of your counter.
18. It IS a lot of work.
19. Some DO need to be exercised constantly, depending on the breed.
20. There are many other surprises that are too numerous to list.

Hope this helps if you're looking to adopt a pup!

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