Monday, July 18, 2011

My Dog Does That!

A humorous, cheery, feel-good book about what all dog-lovers have in common: dogs and the reasons that we love them. Some days they make us laugh, some days they make us crazy, but one thing is for certain; they do some interesting things that non dog-lovers wouldn't understand.
Do you ever feel a bit awkward due to the stunts that your dog has pulled? Do you ever feel as if you are the only one whose dog embarrasses them at not-so-convenient times? How about those wonderfully sweet and tender moments that you so badly want to brag about, but are afraid others may not understand? If so, you're not alone!
We dog-lovers can all relate to the everyday occurrences when it comes to our furry friends because our dogs do that too!
Introduction: My Dog Does That!

Dogs have a way of being completely unique in some aspects, yet ironically similar in others. Their expressions and mannerisms can be so irresistible, it’s no wonder we want to share their “tails” with others!

As dog owners, we’ve all experienced the occasional embarrassing oh-my-dog, I can’t believe he/she just did that type moments. The type of moments that occur during the most inopportune of times, or while trying to impress a certain guest, or my personal favorite, right after you boast the words, “Oh, my dog would never do that,” only to have them prove you wrong right then and there.

There are also the types of moments that grab a hold of your heart and make you realize exactly why you are a dog-lover. There are stories you could tell and coincidences that no one would believe. No one but a fellow dog-lover, that is.

The nature of this book is about all of those moments, for when you look around the room and say, “Now, how am I going to explain this one without people thinking I have completely lost my mind?”

Now you don’t have to. You’ll see. You’re not alone. We dog-lovers know where you are coming from and we know you’re telling the truth. Do you want to know why?

Because My Dog Does That!

Chapter 1 Why Dogs?

Is there anything greater than the consistent love that we get from a dog? Is there anything more honest? What’s not to love?

I’ve had various discussions at one time or another during my life and the same type of question has come up quite a few times. Perhaps you have been asked a similar variety of questions under the same premise:

“Why do you love dogs so much? I just don’t understand the concept. What’s so great about them?”

In the beginning, I might have exhausted myself trying to explain it once or twice and then after a while, I realized it is just something that you cannot fully explain. There are no words that could accurately describe the love of a dog. For it to be fully understood, it has to be experienced.

As I sit here typing on my laptop, I look around and see the three personalities that I speak of the most: my dogs.

There’s no doubt. I am one hundred percent a dog person. For those of you who share my enthusiasm, you are more than likely familiar with that phrase. For those of you who are not, you are probably saying “a what?”

Let me explain.

For me, it’s all about the dogs and always has been ever since I can remember. It is a quiet, or maybe not so quiet, obsession that stems from, oh, I don’t know, the beauty of their innocence. Or, perhaps it is the sheer innocence of their beauty.

See, they don’t realize that they are beautiful and adorable. A mirror means nothing to them. They have no idea how breathtaking they are. Yet, they are gorgeous in so many ways, both inside and out. All this without ever having to fix their hair!

Which circles me back to canine innocence.

Even the most mischievous of dogs are innocent in their own specific way. There are those that may misbehave more than others and then there are some that do not get the proper medical treatment or training that is required, but that is not their fault.

More often than not, the owner is the one to blame.

So, when people ask me, why dogs? It is so many things and it is nothing at all. To explain each one’s individual personality is worth a book in itself, but once you fall in love with your first pup…it all becomes crystal clear. No explanation is necessary.

It doesn’t matter that you have to vacuum up dog hair every day, or wake up according to their breakfast schedule or try to speak their language to decipher why they are whining for no apparent reason.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? We do it simply because we love them. For any and all of the work involved in owning a dog, their reciprocation of love and companionship makes it all worthwhile.

Their unconditional love outweighs any of the tribulations you may go through. They admire you no matter what you look like, act like or feel like. They find excitement in anything you say and look to you as though what you said was the most logical and the most incredible sound they have ever heard.

So my answer has since been shortened to this and I think it sums it up perfectly; “What’s not to love?"

Available on Kindle and Nook

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Parker


  1. Sounds great! I'll have to remember to add it to my wishlist over at Amazon.

  2. Thanks Sheila! There's even a small part featuring a cat (my moms)! :)

  3. Elizabeth Parker is a talented writer who uses her story-telling abilities to write both novels and non-fiction works. My Dog Does That is filled with her observations of her, and other people's, dogs which will have most dog owners nodding their heads and saying "My dog does that!" The stories will bring a smile to your face, have you laughing, and at times bring tears to your eyes. Through Liz's eyes you'll get a glimpse of life with man's best friends; through her personal experience, you'll learn little tips about training and caring for your dog. Very entertaining and enjoyable, My Dog Does That is also a quick and easy read. Even if you don't own a dog, I believe anyone who loves animals will enjoy reading this book.